Welcome at Woningbouw Vrije Sector

Arise from the supply of homes and apartments from the range of housing associations, management companies (real estate), and institutional investors in Hilversum and surroundings ….

Our goal:

Besides offering bare apartment rentals,  Woningbouwvrijesector.nl provides
well furnished and semi-furnished homes and apartments with negotiable lease terms.

Depending on the necessary tailoring for the living accommodations offered,
we can set the minimum rental period in consultation with the client and
their requirements.Woningbouwvrijesector.nl resolves living issues together
with their prospects and tries to meet their needs.

In short, we offer customized living in various ways.

The houses and apartments we offer are all in the private sector.
This means a minimum rent of € 680, – per month, excluding service.
The published prices on this site are often including service charges, floors,
stucco finish and painted walls.
Our services:

  • Extended working hours, visits during day- , nights and in the weekend;
  • If necessary and / or desired, collect and return services to viewings;
  • We speak Dutch, English and German;
  • More than familiar with the expat market;
  • Oriented thinking towards residential solutions;
  • Extensive experience with HR departments and Relocation offices.

Woningbouwvrijesector.nl the better way to tailored living accomodations….

Commission Free Housing… Please contact us